Teerts: Photography Collective

What we do is not important. Almost useless. But it is vital for us.

We are voyeurs. Hunters. Photographers.

People waiting for their train? Shadows seen through a window? Cigarette smoke? Ordinary scenes. Raw material.

What we do is easy. And it is difficult.

Be in the streets. Act as a fool with a camera. But don’t get noticed. Disappear. Observe. Watch. Stare. Get ready. Wait. Shoot.

We are amateurs. Our content is not manufactured.

Crowded streets, empty places.

Rain, sunshine. City light, sunlight, moonlight.

What we see is what we get. People. Buildings, cars, trains. Routines and surprises.

We like them as they are. We frame them. Geometry and light trapped in a fraction of a second.

Coulours? It’s not that we hate colours. But black and white is our choice. For now. So, what’s the point?

Street photography is life.

We try to capture life in a frame. We shoot a lot. We fail a lot.

Sometimes we like what we see in the frame. So we share it.

Life is art. It’s ready made art.

Let’s enjoy it.

Teerts Collective